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Superior high quality fire safety products.

A proud Dutch company that delivers top notch fire equipment
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SAVS® Saves Lives

Innovative high quality fire prevention equipment

SAVS is supplying high-quality fire prevention equipment. It’s a Dutch company that delivers top notch fire equipment around the world, with safety as their highest priority.

SAVS Fire Safety Solutions

Experience unmatched fire safety with SAVS fire extinguishers. Sleek design meets superior performance. Wireless interconnected for swift response. Trust SAVS for stylish, reliable protection. Safeguard your world today.

Available in Europe

Meet the family

SAVS has its own designers, an R&D department, and a factory with 20 production lines. This enables them to quickly launch high-quality products on the market.

Fire extinguishers

High quality European production. Wide range of products and 100% PFAS free extinguishers.

Fire blankets

Different sizes blankets made outof high quality glass fiber. Custom bags possible.

Magnetic mountingsets

No more drilling holes. Mount detectors with ultra high strength magnets with 3 dots. Available sizes 45mm and 60mm.

Fire escape ladders

High quality escpae ladders vary in multiple lengths, ranging from 4.5 meters to 20 meters in length.

Detectors (Smoke/CO/Heat)

Currently in production. The expected arrival is by the end of 2023.

  Coming soon
Smart Home Series

Complete series of smart home Fire Safety products. Launched end of 2023.

  Coming soon
First Aid Kits

All types of SAVS first aid kits. In different sizes and cases. For home and professional use.

  Coming soon

A complete family, that protects you and your family

SAVS has developed and released a large number of products on the market over the years. By focusing on innovation and quality, SAVS is among the top brands in Europe.

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